National Youth Theatre

The National Youth Theatre is a registered charity in London, Great Britain, committed to creative, personal and social development of young people through the medium of creative arts. Whether you want to pursue a professional career in the entertainment business or not, the National Youth Theatre can offer you many exciting opportunities to learn new skills, develop your own talents and to have great fun, all of which can be applied to whatever you choose to do in later life.

The National Youth Theatre aims to be a centre of excellence in all of its activities, using theatre to help in the personal and social development of young people. Thanks to this aim, it is a member of National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS).

It offer a series of acting courses with an emphasis on ensemble playing. The acting courses for new members generally take place in August and are of 12 days duration. During that time, up to thirty young people on each course improvise, devise and perform under the guidance of a professional director and specialist tutors, developing an understanding of performance and learning skills and disciplines which will serve them in the future. The courses culminate in a performance which is presented to other course members. These performances are closed to the public.

In addition to the NYT acting courses, the company also offers extensive and comprehensive Technical Courses for new and existing members to gain practical training and experience in the technical approach to theatre production. These include Lighting & Sound, Stage management, Costume and Scenery & Props. Applicants for the four main technical departments are interviewed, and if successful, join one of the departments to be given specialist training in their respective fields. Under professional supervision by experienced theatre practitioners, the technical members form the production teams for all of the NYT productions.